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Tonight, while tweaking the content on my web site, I found this video on my old web site.  It was put together almost fifteen years, by a friend who compiled two Huntsville TV station news stories.

If you wonder who is doing the voice over at the beginning of the video, it is none other than the co-star of the film, Christina Carson.

The video speaks for itself so I won’t bother to write an explanation.

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3 Responses to War Protester-Vietnam Veteran

  1. Caleb Pirtle

    The video didn’t need an explanation. It had the punch of a sledgehammer to the gut. I, like you, became a soldier during Vietnam because I was asked to go. But like Christina, my heart was never in it because I never understood it.

  2. Bert

    This from our friend Jo VonBargen

    I ADORE this beautiful story and the two living saints depicted here!!

  3. Bert,
    Two very inspiring videos and people. I strolled briefly around your site but didn’t see anything written about your experience. Did I miss it? Have you written, or someone else, written this up? Oh, by the way, I too am a Vietnam Veteran. I served as a Navy corpsman with a Marine unit there.

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