Vacation Bible School

To borrow a phrase that Stephen King uses often in his novel 11/22/63, Vacation Bible School was a watershed moment for me. I don’t mean Vacation Bible School the annual summer practice of many Christian churches, but rather, a specific event that occurred in my life, in Vietnam, on the first day of Tet, 1968.

When I was a professional speaker I often told the story because audiences loved to hear it, but deep down, I always hoped they would insert themselves into my watershed moment, and maybe, just maybe, re-examine their own perspective. That underlying thought has been the downfall of many amazingly advanced teachers. Be that as it may, I’m not an advanced teacher, and I can’t resist telling the story.

Since I’m no longer a professional speaker, I told it in a blog, last September, and again last week when I dug it out of my digital archives, edited it a bit, and sent it to my friend, Caleb Pirtle, who posted it on the Venture Galleries web site. If you’ve not heard it in a while, or if you’ve just flat out missed it, here it is, back again:

Vacation Bible School

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