Triberr – What I Learned Today

I’ve been a Triberr user and tribe chief for more than six months.  I know, from experience, that Triberr is the best tool ever built for bloggers.  I also know that until I started poking behind Triberr doors and windows, I didn’t have a clue about the pots of gold Dino and Dan have hidden and continue to hide behind the home screen.

Before I share one that I just discovered, it would be appropriate to note, if you blog and aren’t a member of Triberr, check it out.  Next to a free, full-page ad on, nothing will spread the word about your blog better than Triberr.

Now, what I learned today (actually I learned this Sunday and I’m still experimenting with it) is, I can find additional tribes that are dedicated to topics I’m interested in, and for the small price of three meaningful comments on member’s blog posts, I’ll be invited to join their tribe.  What a deal.  Here’s how you can take advantage of that Triberr benefit.

  • open Triberr
  • from your home page, notice the menu bar just above your timeline – the one that says HOME    TRIBES   BONFIRES
  • click on TRIBES
  • select browse all tribes
  • select the categories that interest you
  • click the orange START CONNECTING button and stand back
  • you are now looking at the tribal page of a tribe dedicated to the categorie(s) you selected – complete with the tribe’s timeline and member detail
  • find the one(s) you like – click JOIN THE TRIBE – and follow the membership requirements which are simple – Leave 3 meaningful comments on the tribe’s posts, and Triberr will recomend you as a member of this tribe.
  • Have fun 
One more Triberr note – the wizards who designed and operate Triberr are Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo – they are easily found, readily accessible, and anxious to help, comment, or just tell you something funny.




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