The Sages – Episode Ten

A Serialization of The SagesBook One of the Mystic Trilogy

The Mystic Trilogy Series is three volumes, recorded by Joseph Sanders, a native of Oklahoma, who chose to commit his life to learning and living universal truth. The books are neither fiction nor non-fiction. The Mystic Trilogy is what you would have it be.

Episode 10

It took three months for the small band of mystics and warriors to travel from the Yellow Emperor’s palace to the Sparkling Mountains. Along the way, two of the soldiers, led by Cheng Shuang, a Captain of the Royal Guard, were killed when the party was ambushed by a group of renegades, yet the number of individuals in the party didn’t change since the one surviving member of the raiding party, a baby, who Quan Cho said was Miao Hsin, joined the party.

The evening following the raid, Quan Cho sent Cheng Shuang back to a small village they had passed early in the day, telling the Captain that he would find a woman named Pei Feng there. He added that she would be expecting him, and he noted that she would be joining the group.

There were no further attacks on the group as they moved steadily toward the Sparkling Mountains. Winter fled the plains, replaced by the mild breezes of spring lifting everyone’s spirit to a higher level.

Though they had left the capital city with a dozen oxen, heavily laden with provisions, they had to be resupplied many times on the journey. The first time they neared the end of their supplies, Bao Zhi approached Quan Cho and said, “Master, we will soon need supplies.”

Quan Cho looked at his friend, smiled and then said, “Do not be concerned Bao Zhi. Supplies are on the way.”

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