The Sages – Episode Six

A serialization of The Sages: Book One of the Mystic Trilogy

The Mystic Trilogy Series is three volumes, recorded by Joseph Sanders, a native of Oklahoma, who chose to commit his life to learning and living universal truth. The books are neither fiction nor non-fiction. The Mystic Trilogy is what you would have it be.

Episode Six

Soon after Master Quan Cho left the capital on the way to the Sparkling Mountains, Bao Zhi realized his friend; Quan Cho was far more than one of the ten most knowledgeable philosophers in the kingdom of the Yellow Emperor. He discerned that Quan Cho, whom he had known from the very beginning of his life, the man who was his best friend and benefactor, was also the personification of enlightenment, though The Master would have never said so.

Bao Zhi’s discovery of the true identity of the founder of the White Taoist Clan happened on the fourth day of their journey to the Sparkling Mountains. The travelers, Master Quan Cho, Bao Zhi, Cheng Shuang and the twenty-four members of his unit of the Royal Guards, were moving at a leisurely pace through open countryside. There wasn’t a living creature in sight in any direction. In fact, it had been two hours since they had seen anyone and then only a handful of women, children, and a couple of old men in a small settlement at the junction of a little-traveled trail and the slightly more used road which ambled vaguely north from the capital city toward the Sparkling mountains.

It was an unusually warm day for late fall in their part of the world. Even the normally vigilant Cheng Shuang seemed lulled by the weather and the desolation of the land. Since Quan Cho had insisted on walking, his escorts, though calvary men were also walking while leading their horses.

The level of alertness of the guardsmen and their captain went from zero to maximum in an instant, when Quan Cho, without breaking stride or raising his voice, said to Bao Zhi, “Please tell the captain that an attack is imminent. Though we have the hostile force outnumbered, they are committed to killing every one of us.” READ MORE

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