The Sages – Episode One

My friends, Caleb Pirtle and Stephen Woodfin, invited me to post The Sages, one episode per week, on their Venture Galleries website. I stalled around, but they wouldn’t leave me alone. I was stalling because, even though I’ve been researching the book for sixty-five years (not a misprint), I wasn’t sure I was ready to write it.

Finally, I made a weak stab at a beginning, then I told Christina, my wife, “this is going to take forever. I don’t have a source of authentic Chinese names.”

Christina smiled and said, “That’s not a problem. My friend, Shirley Tsang, is Chinese, a Taoist, and speaks better English than you.” I believe she added, “…which isn’t difficult.” But I might have imagined that part.

She gave me Shirley’s email address and to make a long story shorter, Shirley joined the team.

Almost out of excuses, I told Caleb and Stephen that as soon as I had a cover for the book I would begin writing, and I added, “But that might take a while.”

Adrienne Wall, our partner and good friend, overheard and said, “What do you want on the cover?”

A couple of days later she sent a mock up, with the question, “Is this what you had in mind?”

A couple of tweaks later the completed cover appeared in my email inbox, at the same time, a list of Chinese names arrived from Shirley. Out of excuses, I began writing. The first episode went live on Venture Galleries unique website, this morning.

Here’s the link: Venture Galleries




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