The Sages – Episode 7

A Serialization of The Sages: Book One of the Mystic Trilogy

Episode Seven

I sat on the Master’s seat, against the back wall of the bridge, watching the final sailing ritual unfold across the deck of the Celestial Navigator, my home for the past fifteen years. When I walked up the gangway behind the ship’s Master fifteen years earlier, I had no notion of the operation of a ship. Being born and raised in Oklahoma had a lot to do with my ignorance.

That night, the Captain appeared beside me, stepping out of the fog like an apparition from another world moments after I stepped out of the taxi that had brought me direct from San Francisco’s international airport to its renowned port. His first words to me were, “I expected you sooner.”

I knew he wasn’t kidding, and I also knew I’d just begun a new life… Click Here to Read More

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