The Sages – Episode 5

Episode 5 of The Sages – Book One of The Mystic Trilogy

In the beginning, with no other personal knowledge of the world, I was a construction of other people’s beliefs and opinions. I wasn’t myself; I was simply a shadow cast by other people’s judgments. That is the way it is for all human beings.

Early on, I began to question some of the basic beliefs I had been given to create my ego with. My most serious breaches of faith occurred when I examined some of the basic Christian teachings I was expected to incorporate into my personal belief system. Though I didn’t know why, I understood that it wouldn’t be smart to verbalize my doubts. However, I wasn’t always able to contain my questions.

I was seven years old when I committed my first act of verbal heresy. After laying the ground work surrounding the history of Satan and his role in the life of man, Mr. Clements, my Sunday School teacher, and a middle school teacher in his weekday job, said, “Remember, boys, Satan is always watching you, waiting for an opportunity to snatch you from the arms of God.”

Normally I tuned Mr. Clements out, but for some reason his words caught my attention that morning, and without thinking, I blurted, “That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

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