The Sages Episode 11

A serialization of The Sages: Book One of the Mystic Trilogy

Episode Eleven

The Mystic Trilogy Series is three volumes, recorded by Joseph Sanders, a native of Oklahoma, who chose to commit his life to learning and living universal truth. The books are neither fiction nor non-fiction. The Mystic Trilogy is what you would have it be.

Running under full power, we headed for the eye of the typhoon. The sea could not have gotten any rougher, but somehow the sky became blacker. Had I not been looking at the eye of the storm on our weather radar, I’d not have thought we were anywhere near the end of the fury of the storm. The wind was cranked up to a continuous one hundred twenty miles per hour. Still the Celestial Navigator moved forward. Even after all my years on board her, the ship still gave me goose bumps in moments like this.

“Stand by for calm, Captain,” Ouyang Juan, my First Mate, said.

In spite of his warning, standing behind him, braced for the almost perpendicular swells we were riding, I lurched forward when we sailed into brilliant sunlight onto a perfectly calm sea.

I called Yung Yun, the Chief Engineer, “All ahead slow, Chief. We’re in the eye. Fine work.”

Yung Yun replied, “Aye aye, Captain.”

I opened the intercom switch to all positions and announced, “We are in the eye of the storm, Gentlemen, and we’re going to stay here until we rendezvous with the Coast Guard. If you aren’t on duty, feel free to come on deck and soak up some sun.” I repeated the message in Mandarin and then Spanish and closed the intercom link.

To myself, as much as to Ouyang Juan, whose back was turned toward me as he set us on a course that would keep us in the bounds of the forty mile diameter of the the the eye of the typhoon, I said, “I believe the Celestial Navigator is capable of executing any order we give it.”

In the glass of the windscreen ahead of him, I saw a smile flash across Ouyang Juan’s face. It was only there for a moment, and he didn’t pause in his work as he said, “I think the Celestial Navigator isn’t a ship at all, Captain. I’ve come to believe that it is the manifestation of the focus of each member of its crew.”

His words flashed through my head like the beam of powerful searchlight. After a moment’s consideration, I said, “Well put, Ouyang Juan. Well put.”

He didn’t acknowledge the complement, nor did I expect him to.

I dialed the frequency of the U.S.S. Merryman into the radio control on my console and keyed the mike. “Celestial Navigator to the cutter Merryman.”

The reply was instantaneous. “Merryman here, Captain.”

We are soaking up sunlight in the eye of the storm as we await your arrival, Captain.” Read More

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