The Last Man

Ralph Miller really isn’t the last man, and even if he were, he isn’t available. Ralph is a hopeless romantic and he is hopelessly in love with Julian Bland and loving every second of it.

However, Ralph, though he isn’t the last man, he is one of the last to not have a social media presence. As much as I love him, that isn’t nearly enough of a reason for me to be sharing my friend with you. And, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, there is a reason for me to introduce Ralph to you, and here it is.

Two or three times a week, Ralph shares items he has found on the internet with a group of people who have asked him to include them in the distribution of his finds.

Ralph sends video links and photos. Last week he sent a number of photos with the subject line “No Words Necessary.” I sent one photo from the series to a number of people, because it cracked me up. The other pictures in the series are equally great.

That was a couple of days ago, and though it reminded me that I have intended for a while to share Ralph and his finds with you, stuff came up, and I didn’t do it.

Then this morning I opened my email and found another message from Ralph. In it he shared a video, the true story of Sergeant Reckless, a Mongolian mare, a race horse, and a Marine Corp hero during the Korean War.

Here’s Sergeant Reckless

After I watched that video more times than I’m going to say, I emailed Ralph and asked him two questions on your behalf. They were:

  • Ralph, would you mind adding some of my friends to your email list?
  • Is it alright if they contact you directly?

Ralph answered yes to both questions. He will do the work. Find items he believes that you’ll enjoy, and he will share them with you if you’ll just email him your name and email address. Here’s his email address:

That is a deal that I trust you will take advantage of.

And before I close, here are pictures of Ralph and his love, Julian Bland.

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6 Responses to The Last Man

  1. Javier

    Bert, I’m always looking for the next blog and sometimes rare pictures are the ticket. Thank you for introducing Ralph.

  2. Javier

    Oh, and what a terrific story about Reckless, a true hero indeed.

    • Bert

      It choked me up and at the same time reminded me of General Robert E. Lee’s great horse, Traveler – the gray gelding he was pictured on many times. If you ever stumble on Richard Adam’s book, long out of print, called “Traveler,” do whatever you have to do to get it – it is an awesome read.
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  3. Caleb Pirtle

    I will never forget Reckless, and I have already emailed Ralph. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of a new friend.

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