Russell Blake and Grady Woodfin – My Online Family

I just read Russell Blake’s latest blog, A Complacency Rant, and left a comment on it.  I thought about what he had written for a few hours while I worked on some research for my latest novel, and I decided to ask him if it would be OK to reblog the post.  He said, “Of course.”

Then I thought, Russell has written a lot of noteworthy posts, so instead of reposting one of them, I should just say, “Hey, my weird buddy, Russell Blake, who, lives, writes, and loves animals in Mexico, has just posted a great blog on his site – read it – then poke around and see what else you can find there.”

Then I thought, Russell is a great writer, and he has written a number of good books so I should put in a link to his author page – so here it is – Russell Blake’s Amazon Author Page.

Then I thought, what about those who miss the fact that Russell did a great load of financial research in order to write his upcoming novel, so I should put in picture of the cover.  So I did.

Then I thought, I have a lot of great online friends – people who are special – people you might like to know.  People like Grady Woodfin, a recent high school graduate, and daughter of my friend Stephen.  Grady’s best friend, Halie Moody, was seriously injured in an auto crash, hours after graduation.  Grady and other friends of Halie have put a Facebook page, started a number of fund raising projects, and shaved their heads to show their support for Halie.

I think you’ll like my wild and crazy group of friends, since you are one of them.  So I’m going to blog about them   It will take some time to tell you about all of them, but it will be worth it.

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  2. You’ve started with two great additions to your family. Glad I’m related.

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