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This is number two in a new and ongoing blog series that I call My Online Family.  Yesterday, I introduced the series with a post about Russell Blake and Grady Woodfin.   Russell had just posted a blog that “agitated the little grey cells,” and since Grady graduated from high school last month, she has been dedicated to her friend Halie Moody’s recovery from a serious auto accident just hours after their graduation.

Today, I was thinking about who would be number two, and I was almost overwhelmed with the choices.
Then I remembered, this is the day that my friend, Rob Guthrie, finally publishes Dark Prairies, a novel he has been living in for a long time.  That makes him the subject of today’s Online Family post.

Rob and I go back a ways in my online world.  Somehow, he found me in Twitter Land just after I arrived there.  He navigated to my Amazon Author Page, and bought a copy of one of my books and began tweeting about it.

We’ve tweeted and emailed ever since.  We exchanged blog posts last February, and had a ball doing it.  Rob’s post was titled, Why I Write.  It’s a great read.  In fact, six months after it was posted, it got a new comment.  Of course, I know that it’s the Rob Guthrie “black hat” that insures his popularity: that’s why I bought one.  That hasn’t worked for me yet, but maybe when I’m as old as Rob…

There’s never been a successful writer who traveled an easy road.  R.S. Guthrie is proof of that.  The trip has tempered him, though I’m sure there have been times when he wondered about the choices that he made that set him on the road to being an impeccable human.  If you’d like to know more about his trips, read his books.  He calls them novels, but, in fact, they are maps of his journey on the way to being the man he has become.

If you want to know the man, meet him on his web site, Rob on Writing, his Amazon author page, Twitter, and Facebook – my friend, Rob Guthrie, another member of my online family.


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3 Responses to R.S. “Rob” Guthrie – My Online Family

  1. Laura Zera

    I’d love to see you two on a writers panel at an event one day, and you must both wear the black hats.

  2. I somehow missed this the first time around—sorry about that, Black Hat Brother! I am honored to be connected with both you and your lovely better half (and I say that with all sincerity, including the “better half” part). 😉

    You know how I feel about you AND Christina. You also know how glad I am to be here for you to crack the occasional “old guy says he’s younger than younger guy” jokes. I like making you feel better. (I also think the “Black Hat Panel” is a tremendous idea.)

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