Quit Crying – Keep Writing

We have cable TV but only because it is the only way to get fast, usually dependable, internet service.   The only thing we watch on TV is Braves Baseball.  I probably wouldn’t watch that, but Christina is a big Chipper Jones fan so you can count on me to be there when she’s watching a game.

When we aren’t watching baseball, or surfing the net, we use the cable to stream TV series that we enjoy.  Two of our favorites are The Killing and Detroit 1-8-7.  Besides being detective shows, they have a number of other things in common:

  • The writing is top drawer.
  • Neither series had so much as single mediocre episode.
  • Casting for both was perfect.
  • Characters in both series are consistent.

Here’s where the series are different.  The Killing received “universal acclaim.”  It ran for two seasons and ended, because the crime it focused on was solved and there was nothing left to be done.  Detroit 1-8-7 ran for one season (2010) and was canceled by ABC.  I’m not privy to the audience requirement for commercial TV, but whatever that magic number is, Detroit 1-8-7 didn’t achieve it.  The Killing didn’t face the killing magic number menace – it was commissioned by AMC, shown on AMC, and loved by AMC audiences.

I’ve watched every episode of both series (Detroit 1-8-7 twice), and I know that had AMC commissioned Detroit 1-8-7 it would still be running, and if ABC had commissioned The Killing, it would have departed after one season.

Now, my point—to try to get ABC to change its corporate mind is a complete and absolute waste of time.  Trust me; I’m the guy who wasted a lot of time petitioning Pontiac to save the Fiero.   The phrase “corporate mind” implies intelligence, and there is none there, so don’t get tricked into wasting your time addressing the nonexistent.  Nor should you give up.

Job one for a writer is writing.  Don’t get lost in marketing.  You are a writer.  Write first, write second, write third, and in the time that’s left – market what you’ve written.   I have four books available on amazon.com.  This month (June 2012), I’ve sold four and had two borrowed.  With three days left in the month, I project that I might sell one more.   I don’t care who has sold more books on amazon.com, or less (that one is hard to imagine), I only care about finishing the one I’m working on, Southern Investigation-Tucson, so I can get serious about the one after that, The Lottery, and then I’m going to settle in and knock out The Last Call.

My books will find their place; good books always do.  I’ll keep on writing, because I know when I find a good book, I want to read everything its author has written and I’m not going to let my audience down just because they haven’t shown up yet.

Keep writing.



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