No Werewolves Here

I don’t have a thing against werewolves, vampires, dragons, or zombies.  I just don’t know enough about them to write about them.  Neither does my wife, Christina, nor our good friends, associates, and fellow indie writers, Caleb Pirtle, Stephen Woodfin, and Jack Durish.

We all write mainstream fiction – historical novels, women’s novels, adventure, and thrillers – legal and otherwise.  As close as we get to the supernatural is an occasional foray into esotericism and time travel, and I have to take responsibility for that departure from the straight and narrow.

There are more than 700,000 indie writers, if you can believe the experts.  The five of us fall into that group.  We decided that in order to be found by potential readers, we should identify ourselves more precisely.  We could have said that we are not youngsters, which, with the exception of Stephen, is true.  Of course, many would say that at age 59 he isn’t a youngster either.  We could have said we were guys, but Christina is anything but a guy.  We could have said we are from the south, but there’s Jack in California.

There is only one thing that is common to the five of us – we do not write about werewolves, vampires, dragons, or zombies.  There’s nothing wrong with those critters, and they sell about a zillion books every day; we just don’t write any of those books.

Christina Carson writes some of the very best novels about family, relationships, and truth available on Amazon.  Her books are entertaining, thought provoking, and contain powerful life lessons.

Jack Durish brings the past to life in his historical novels.  He tells the “the rest of the story,” and everyone wants to know that.

Stephen Woodfin writes legal thrillers that are second to none I’ve ever read.  He writes about murder, and football, too.  His words will keep you turning pages until the sun comes up.

Caleb Pirtle writes some of the most captivating fiction you’ll ever read – here’s a line from the beginning of A Place of Skulls: “His left arm had been broken in three places.  He possessed no wallet, no papers, no passport, no name, no memory, no past.”  There’s nothing I can add to that.

And me, Bert Carson, I write about Vietnam Veterans: one who at age 44 becomes the starting quarterback for The University of Montana, four who form a detective agency called Southern Investigation and with the help of President Ronald Reagan, break a group of POWs out of Vietnam, and one who loves dogs so much he becomes an Army Scout Dog Handler and risks everything to smuggle his scout dog partner, Whispers, out of Vietnam.

That’s who we are, and that’s what we write about.  We call ourselves The Power of 5, and we invite you to check out our books, our web sites, and very soon, join us on the Power Of Five web site,

As always, your comments on this post are appreciated.  Thanks for your time.


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8 Responses to No Werewolves Here

  1. David L Atkinson

    A great way to advertise the skills and spheres of interest of fellow iondie authors
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  2. Alisha Paige says:

    What an amazing group of writers! Thanks for introducing their work! I DO write about werewolves but my wolves are not the scary wolves of Hollywood. Mine are merely men with genetic defects who happen to shift during a full moon. And the wolves they shift into walk on all fours and live in packs. I know a lot about dogs and wolves so I can write about But I also write fantasy, time-travel, young adult novels and historical books set in WWII, The Holocaust and The Great Depression. Luckily my grandparents told me many stories about the 30’s and the 40’s. And I happen to love history. Great post!

    • Bert

      Thanks Alisha,
      I’ve delved a bit into time travel (Another Time Another Place) and I love shape-shifters and dragons.
      Grandparents are great resources – my grandfather and I fished together and though I can’t remember many of the fish we landed, I do remember every story he told me.
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  3. Bert, thanks for mentioning LAST ONE CHOSEN. I think there are thousands of readers in the digital market place who are looking for fiction that is more about stories than paranormal experiences, etc. To be sure, there are different strokes for different folks, but I believe many of these readers will find their way to your door.Regards, SW

  4. Jack Durish

    Just as generals prepare to fight the last war, publishers seem to want to print the last commercially successful novel. In both cases, they succeed only because others share their lack of insight.

    To be honest, there are readers who want another novel of the paranormal, and there are plenty of authors and publishers who will happily supply that need. I don’t fault them for it. I simply bore easily and have no inclination to follow the path that has already been taken so often.

    If others wish to follow my path, they’d best be good at the craft of writing.

  5. jvonbargen

    All five of you my favorites!!

    I’m afraid I don’t know a thing about any of those beings, but millions do! I guess I’m just too rooted in human foibles and stories woven around them.

    Looking forward to your new website….sounds wonderful, my friend!!
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