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If you look up slow study in the dictionary, there’s a good chance you’ll find a picture of me.  I post two or three blogs a weeks.  I don’t check my site analytics to determine if they are popular, nope, I’m too savvy for that.  I just read the comments that have been left.  A couple of days ago, I noticed that I had not received a single comment on the three blogs I’ve just posted in a new category called, My Online Family.  In my infinite wisdom, I assumed that no one liked the new category.

Today I checked all my recent blog posts and discovered the last comment posted was almost a month ago.  I assumed no one loved me anymore, or it was conspiracy to play a grand joke on me.

Then my lovely wife, Christina, said,

“I can’t leave a comment on your new blog.  In fact, I tried last night to leave a comment on your Russell Blake – Grady Woodfin post, and I couldn’t.”

Slow study that I am, I spent an hour trying to find out what was wrong with Christina’s computer.   Then I got an email from my friend Caleb Pirtle who said,

“By the way, I tried to post comments on the last three blogs you posted on Triberr. I type them in. I hit submit. The world goes blank and, I presume, dumps my words into cyberspace, which is probably where they belong. 

I did not want you to think I had forgotten you. I read the blogs faithfully, enjoy them every one, but my computer and Triberr, obviously, don’t speak the same language. Sorry.”

And then I got an email from Jo VonBargen, whom I blogged about this morning.  She said,

I can’t get my comments to post and stick anywhere. Damned frustrating!!

“Oh, damn, Bro ‘Bama, you went and made me cry. I even had to spit out that straw for a minute or two. Your words about me are too kind and pulled on just about every heart string I’ve got. You know I love you and Christina to death and beyond! You have been so supportive of me, both in my personal struggles and in my writing career. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without your wisdom and your constant support. I can honestly say I have no better friends than you two on the face of the earth. Thank you from the bottom of this holey ole heart, my friend!”

Then I Goggled – WordPress cannot leave comments.  That kicked off a work storm that lasted an hour, ending when I discovered that one of my Plugins had gone south.

So, now the offending plugin is deactivated and will remain that way until I get it repaired.

Until then, if you’d like to leave a comment on one (or more) of my posts you have no idea how much I would appreciate it.







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  1. Bert

    Andy Bailey, the genius behind CommentLuv figured out my problem and now I’m back in business.
    Check out CommentLuv at Andy is the best software designer and tech support person I’ve ever dealt with.

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