Men, Women, Love

I know that we were chosen to officiate at many of them because we only required one thing of the couples that we married – that they loved each other.  That means we married quite a few couples with different religious heritages.  As far as we were concerned then, and now, love trumps all. 

There are people who say that space is the last unexplored frontier; others say, no it’s the ocean, still others maintain that the mind is the last unknown region in the universe. I maintain that the last unknown region of any consequence is love. I’m not talking about love of flowers, warm sunny days, or puppies and kittens.  I’m talking about the love of men for women and women for men.  In spite of the glaring truth that men don’t understand women, women don’t understand men, and neither understands love, we do love each other. 

However, and we should be eternally grateful for this, lack of understanding doesn’t stop us from making forays into the unknown and no matter how painful previous experiences were and how fiercely we deny any interest in another adventure into the arena of love, we dive back in at the first opportunity. 

Love is what makes the world go around, because, at its most basic level, love is all there is ….  Love is God and God is Love.

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