I’ve been a fan of movies since I was five years old. Do the math. That means I’ve been a movie fan for more than sixty-five years and instead of retiring, I’m enjoying them as much, or more than ever before.

This weekend I checked my favorite movie house and noted that three Academy Award nominated films were showing, Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, and Lincoln. I watched all the previews and was leaning toward Silver Linings Playbook, especially after Christina told me about the review of it in Head Butler. And then, I went out to run some errands Monday morning and turned on the radio. Bob Edwards was interviewing Sally Field, who plays Mary Lincoln in the movie.

I love the Head Butler, but Sally Field sold me. So Monday afternoon, Christina, and Adrienne and I joined one other person for the afternoon showing of Lincoln, at the Regal 18 Theater, in Huntsville, Alabama.

And that’s the end of the movie review, because Lincoln isn’t a movie, it’s an experience. If anything, the picture deserved more than twelve Academy Award Nominations. It not only set the mark, it placed itself in a category no one else even approached this year, or any other year that I’m aware of.

The only nearly comparable movie, in my experience, was The Last Samurai, which I should note, received only one nomination, and no awards. So, who knows what will happen Sunday night at the Academy Awards. And, from my point of view, who really cares.

What matters most, what the Academy of Arts and Sciences thinks of Lincoln, or what you think? I’ll bet you don’t miss that question. Lincoln is an experience of history. It is a chance to see what happens when total conviction and total commitment come together in one person – the course of history is changed. In my opinion, the fact that the United States exists is testimony to the conviction and commitment of two men: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Everyone else has been a supporting actor, necessary but not irreplaceable. And since those two men, the available talent seems to be dwindling. The proof is the “B” Production our political system has become.

Enjoy the movies –

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  1. Bert Carson

    Neil Low, a friend, read this blog through email subscription and made this most interesting comment:

    Hello again, Bert!

    My wife and I also saw Lincoln this past Sunday, and I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. We felt the same way you did–like flies on the wall watching history being made. Important history! Daniel Day Lewis did an outstanding job, and Sally Field looked and acted the part. My wife had earlier thought that we would just catch it on video, but circumstances took us to a small theater where I last watched a movie in 1960. That was a treat in itself, bringing back the memories.

    What also added to our experience was that while visiting Washington DC ten years ago, we ended up behind a tour bus at the restaurant the kids wanted to eat (I think it was Planet Hollywood). We were given a pager and told it would likely be more than an hour before they could get to us. We wandered next door to Ford Theater and took a self-guided tour. I had been told by another friend that there was a museum in the basement and they had Lincoln’s long coat on display, behind glass, and that souvenier hunters had carved off pieces of the lining immediately following the assasination. We went downstairs and saw exactly that. Then we wandered across the street to the house they carried Lincoln to the night of the shooting, and we got to tour that as well.

    It was two hours later that we’d returned to the restaurant, and they had forgotten all about us and our pager. Of course the line was gone and we got served, but what a rare chance to experience history.

    I just read on Facebook where Mississippi ratified the 13th Amendment this February 7th. Imagine that!

    Neil Low
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