Journal of a Novel – Number Four

This is it. It’s done. All that’s left was a wrap up and I wrote that this afternoon when I finished Chapter 50. Then, Christina pointed out that a cast of characters would be good, so I’ve added one.

In three days, thanks to John Steinbeck, I finished the last four chapters and added a list of characters (since there are 42 of them – shades of Ken Follett).

I have a lot of free time ahead in the next few days, so I’ll do a read through, make corrections, and get a copy put together for proofing.

At this point in time, which is the only point in time there is, I’ve decided to get started immediately on the third of the Southern Investigation trilogy. This one is called, Southern Investigation-Yancy. Hopefully it won’t have nearly as many characters – trying to keep 42 head strong individuals going in the same direction is more than a full time job.

Though I haven’t finished “casting” Yancy yet, I know the cast will be mostly women – the regular crew, Shirley Jacobson, Julie Wilson, and Faith Ann Holcomb, for sure. Other major parts are open for casting.

The subject, spousal abuse, is one I have little personal knowledge of, beyond occasional passing brushes involving friends and co-workers. But, I didn’t have any first-hand knowledge of drug and people smuggling or freeing POWs until I began the series. So I’ll send my friends, the women of Southern Investigation, and a few of the men, along with the dog, out to do battle, one more time.

Thanks John Steinbeck – Journaling a novel every day works.

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