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I can’t remember when I didn’t know her, yet, in “real” time, it is only a year, and then only if I pull the edges and stretch the pages of the calendar.  It seems forever, because Jo is forever.  She is a poet who writes from the heart and lives from the same place.

If you think being a poet means one has to be soft, turning the other cheek so fast and so often they appear to be spinning, you need to know right here, right now,  Jo VonBargen isn’t that kind of poet.  She’s a pickup-truck-driving, straw chewing, ass kicking, Texas poet, who will tell you how it is and hold your hand until you move past the shock of hearing the Truth.

Jo VonBargen has a web site.  On the front page there is a bonfire and an invitation to drag up a stump and have a seat.  If you have the guts to do that…if you can stand the heat, you’ll get warm and cozy, from the inside out.

If you want your forgotten Self, the real of you, to remain forgotten, don’t pull up a stump.  That bonfire isn’t for the fainthearted.

Here are some verses that you’ll find in the poem posted under the bonfire:

somebody throw a log
on the fire, huh?

I just want us to sit here
on this moldering stump of a
crumbling log and light up a poem
in the smoldering dark,

pass it around
hold back the inevitable
one more night

…just handsful of dust
waitin’ on day and
the whirlwind

And a bonus, from her poem, The Day Will Come:

And the day will come
when these humble words,
fed by inherited spirit,
will, to some questing soul,
be welcomed as
seasoned and wise

When you call,  Jo will be there, in a whirlwind, an email, a tweet, or in your head, whispering in the still, small, voice of a timeless poet – but only if you have the courage to call.

You can find her here:

Two Bit Bard      Twitter   Facebook


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7 Responses to Jo VonBargen – My Online Family

  1. I think she’s the greatest, and I think your blog about her was as touching as it gets. I say again, Jo, for me, your time has come.

  2. dla1950

    Jo is brilliant both as a supporter and a poet and I wouldn’t be in this tribe without her sponsorship for which I am grateful.

  3. Bert

    Here’s what Jo Said:

    “Oh, damn, Bro ‘Bama, you went and made me cry. I even had to spit out that straw for a minute or two. Your words about me are too kind and pulled on just about every heart string I’ve got. You know I love you and Christina to death and beyond! You have been so supportive of me, both in my personal struggles and in my writing career. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without your wisdom and your constant support. I can honestly say I have no better friends than you two on the face of the earth. Thank you from the bottom of this holey ole heart, my friend!”

    You are just the best, Bert!!

    x Jo

    • Bert

      Now that my comment problem has been resolve I’m waiting for you to leave one of your own. When you do that, I’ll take down this intimate, personal, email.
      You’re the best and to top it off, you’re fun.

  4. Bert, great words about a great person and a great poet.

  5. Laura Zera

    Jo’s poetry moves me in a way that no other poetry has before AND she’s all that and a bag of chips as a person, so the universe has been kind to bring her to us, Bert.

    • Bert

      Jo is so special I ache when I try to think of words that describe her specialness. And then I realize that I have an online family that is unbelievable. As a kid I had a fantasy that I was adopted and no one told me. Now I have a family that adopted me and and it’s wonderful.
      I’m glad you’re part of it, my friend.

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