Fourth and Forever

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Fourth and Forever

Josh Edwards met his wife Cathy the day he began the sixth grade.  She became his friend, then his girlfriend, and days after he received his draft notice, she became his wife.  When he lost her, Josh and his son, Bobby were devastated.

To escape the lingering sorrow of Cathy’s death, Josh and Bobby journey  to Missoula, Montana to start life anew.

Bobby, enrolls at The University of Montana and Josh, who had never attended college, joins him.

Bobby, hopes to make the football team as a walk-on, wide receiver and Josh is totally supportive of his son’s goal.

Josh, a skilled kicker and passer, is observed by the Grizzlies coach as the father and son work out on the practice field. When tryouts arrive, Josh is invited to join the team as a volunteer coach for the kickers.

Thus begins a season of trials and tribulation where Josh becomes mentor and father-figure to his teammates, as the University of Montana Grizzlies make a run for the Division I National Championship.


“I just finished this book. I can’t believe I read it in under 24 hours. Couldn’t put it down. I was real and so beautifully written. Love those grizzes! We need more books about real characters in real situations. It shined more light to the Vietnam experience for me. Thank you for this book.”

“What I love about the writings of Bert Carson is his core values are in every word, every scene. Honor, courage, deep love, struggle against all odds, loyalty – all of these are in this book, too. This story about the choices an aging Vietnam veteran makes in the name of supporting and loving his son will tear your heart out – in a good way. Bert had me cheering mentally and enjoying the game of football through the pages. That ain’t easy.
I don’t want to give much away, but this is a must read for all football fans (especially college football devotees), for all veterans of any era and for anyone who is perhaps facing a challenge and unsure how to come out on top. Read Bert’s book and you’ll know.”

“This is more than a Vietnam story, a sports story, or even a love story. This is a testimonial that love borne of camaraderie can get you through the toughest spots, even if your objective feels like it’s forever away. Carson’s characters and smooth dialogue let you experience the conversations and heart-rending moments. The cast is a fully developed mix of everyday people and integrate seamlessly with the supporting elements and plot. Carson uses efficiency and emotional impact set a brisk pace.
This is a strong five-star novel for the quality of the writing and its ever important message. You will smile and likely shed tears, but in the end you will come away with a wisdom to help you through many of life’s darkest and most difficult challenges, whether for yourself or others you’ve tried to reach.
Simply sharing this story is the greatest gesture of friendship our Vietnam fathers could offer their sons and daughters of Iraq and Afghanistan. There aren’t words to describe my personal gratitude for this novel and the camaraderie great men like Bert Carson have offered us, as we try to find our way back from war.”




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