Farmers and Clydesdales

superbowl logoChristina, to her credit, sat on the sofa while I did my “guy thing” Sunday afternoon/evening.  However, she hung it up when the lights went out, and in so doing missed two commercials she would have loved, since she’s loved draft horses since she was a little girl and she spent a lot of years farming a thousand miles north of the U.S. – Canadian border.  I found the commercials on YouTube Monday morning and played them both for her.  We both got weepy eyed, and it seemed to be a good idea to share them with you, in case you hung it up when the lights went out.

The Farmer, narrated by Paul Harvey:

The Clydesdale

For all of you who still believe that life can and should be a joyous event.



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2 Responses to Farmers and Clydesdales

  1. Caleb Pirtle

    When I grew up on a farm in East Texas, we believed that truth was really truth only if we read it in the Bible, read it in Farmer’s Almanac, or Paul Harvey says it. Paul was the voice of God for even those who didn’t believe in God.

    • Bert Carson

      Paul Harvey carried the same weight in Alabama as in Texas. He would have been a shoo in for President. Of course, his thinking was probably along the same line as Lee Iaccoca, who considered it and then said, “No thank you. I’m not willing to put my family through that.”
      Thanks for the comment my friend.

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