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I have been blessed with over 8,000 Twitter followers, and they are all wonderful… all except the 48 who used a bot or auto-responder to send a Direct Message to me; a message that says

Hi, thanks for following, want to buy a _____, or

You are going to love my _______, or

If you have a minute (or not) like my Facebook page, or… well, you get the message, and I’ll bet you have your own collection of unread DMs just like mine.

Money, power, religion, or disrespect are at the bottom of all wars.  I can’t imagine anything more disrespectful than using an auto-responder to send a DM to a stranger.  Well, I can think of a few things more disrespectful, but that’s a matter for another blog.  I think you’ll agree, it’s disrespectful to proposition someone before you even ask them what they are drinking, thinking, or doing.  That’s what DMs have become, the height of disrespect; the stuff wars are fought over.

Here’s an example:

We welcome you to join our Feel & Look Fabulous community + radio show for women FB fan page link deleted

Excuse me, check my Twitter home page – do I look like a woman to you?

If you want to say something to me, send an email – my email address is

PS – Don’t send a bot or auto-responder to do the job.

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  1. Please add to your send out list of your blog postings. I love your writing and really love your wife’s writing. I just read her partial of her book Suffer the Little Children. I want to read more so have to figure out how to do that. I am a writer as well, a teacher of students at risk, a mom, grandmother and creative artist. I really enjoyed the blog post on Santa Claus. Wonderful writing there adn memories of my own finding out Santa was ” not real” in the same grade. Dad took me to the article ” Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus” and well, that was wonderful. I have NEVER lost the Spirit of Santa Claus either and am working on a book with my son : Bart Jenkins and The Magic Bag. I tried to join your family on the join the family post there and I do not get through. So please add my email to your send out list. Thanks!! Merri

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