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Esoteric Novels

  There are three novels I consider esoteric works, not including the three volumes of the Mystic Trilogy, which is my work in progress.  Specifically, I’m speaking of The Razor’s Edge, by W. Somerset Maugham, Siddhartha , by Hermann Hesse, … Continue reading

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War Protester-Vietnam Veteran

  Tonight, while tweaking the content on my web site, I found this video on my old web site.  It was put together almost fifteen years, by a friend who compiled two Huntsville TV station news stories. If you wonder who … Continue reading

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Fourth and Forever

Fourth and Forever Josh Edwards met his wife Cathy the day he began the sixth grade.  She became his friend, then his girlfriend, and days after he received his draft notice, she became his wife.  When he lost her, Josh … Continue reading

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Chuang Tsu on Writing

The Bible is the most translated book on the planet.  The second most translated is the Tao Te Ching,  authored well over two thousand years ago by Lao Tzu.  One of Lao Tzu’s most famous followers was Chang Tzu.  In the … Continue reading

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Linda Ronstadt – A Different Drummer

For the first seven months that I spent in Vietnam, I shared a “room” with three other buck sergeants, SGT Tadlock, from Texas, SGT Dirler, from Illinois, and, SGT Titcomb, from Maine.   A week after I joined my three roommates, … Continue reading

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Running With Newton

  Last March, I wrote a blog about Newton Running Shoes – specifically I wrote about Newton Running Shoes and Writing – click here to read it.  Newton, a running shoe manufacturer, located in Boulder, Colorado, isn’t a household name … Continue reading

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The Last Man

Ralph Miller really isn’t the last man, and even if he were, he isn’t available. Ralph is a hopeless romantic and he is hopelessly in love with Julian Bland and loving every second of it. However, Ralph, though he isn’t … Continue reading

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Tibetan Monks – Sand Mandalas

In July 2000, Christina and I became the ministers of Unity Church on the Mountain, in Huntsville. We were offered the position when Rev. Doris McCafferty, retired after many years as the minister of the church. Doris only asked one … Continue reading

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The Cancun Letters

Letters to Cancun Yesterday I visited the Sand Mountain Flea Market, about forty miles from Huntsville, just south of Guntersville, Alabama.. I’m not a flea market person but on a whim I decided to check it out, hoping that I … Continue reading

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Jack Durish – Master of the Historical Novel

When Jack asked if I’d like to exchange blog interviews, I jumped at the opportunity. Here are his thoughts about his novel, Rebels on the Mountain. What is the one book you want us to read (title, genre, and availability). … Continue reading

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