Are You Happy?

Are you happy is an irrelevant question because if you don’t understand the nature of happiness, unhappiness, joy, and sorrow, it doesn’t matter whether you are happy or unhappy at this moment, because your state of happiness is going to change soon.

A relevant question would be, do you know the underlying cause of happiness and unhappiness?  If you do, there is no reason to ever be in a state other than happiness or joy.  If you don’t, you are probably interested in knowing the cause of happiness or unhappiness.

To simplify the writing process, rather than saying, happy, unhappy, joy, and sorrow, over and over, I’ll just use the word happiness for the remainder of the post.

All happiness is either choice or reaction.  Reaction is normally the cause so let’s talk about that first.  We each have a personality.  From the day we were born into this manifestation we call human life, we’ve been encouraged to establish a personal self.   It took a while, but we’ve all done just that.  If you’re curious about how long it took for you to begin identifying with the personal self that you created, recall your very first memory.  Got it?  All the time from the day you were born to the day you created that first memory is how long it took for you to create your personal self.

Your personal self is well defined.  You created it, and you know its traits, beliefs, short-comings, and strengths.  Any time your personal self is complimented, or validated, you react with joy or happiness.  When your personal self is insulted, or threatened, you react with unhappiness or sorrow.  That means, until you see beyond this thing called a personal self, you are a prisoner of it.

There is a way to live beyond reaction to your personal self.  That way is, live in the moment.  I mean totally in the moment.  Not just in the moment enough to survive your daily commute through traffic but totally in the moment.  Live so totally in the moment that you are one with it.  The reason that transcends reaction is simple.  Your personal self cannot live in the moment.  Your personal self only exists when you pause to evaluate what’s going on around you in light of what you believe – just the way you are doing now.

Are your happy?

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6 Responses to Are You Happy?

  1. Christina says:

    I love how when one is present, ‘are you happy?’ becomes a spectator’s question.

  2. Jo VonBargen

    It definitely is a choice; a choice we need to make into a habit so it comes automatically. You’re right. Once we begin thinking, we are no longer in the moment. Great post, my friend!

  3. Betty


    Insightful post and, yes, I am happy – thanks for asking! Everything indeed is a choice when it comes down to it and I choose to live a joyful life – right here, right now. Using my cancer survivorship as a benchmark, I do try to life in the moment, savoring every moment, every day, everyONE in my life. Well done and thanks for sharing the thoughts. Found you via a retweet. :)
    Betty recently posted…May 20, 2012 – VersatilityMy Profile

  4. Caleb Pirtle

    It is difficult to live in the moment because we spend so much time worry about what we should have done, and didn’t do, and we have to do, and fearful that we don’t have enough time left to do it all. Living in the moment is a fleeting existence because the moments keep passing and by the time they are here, they’re gone. If happiness means that you can’t wait to do what you’re supposed to do next, then I’m happy.

  5. I love this post, Bert.

    I firmly believe that happiness is a choice, and for me, it begins with the thoughts I choose to allow to enter my mind. It’s not always easy, but choosing to focus on the positive in each situation, however tiny a sliver that may be, helps remind me that I have much to be grateful for. And gratitude triggers my happiness.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  6. Happiness comes to them who opens their door for small treats that life provides to them. So be happy and live longer!
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