Another Place Another Time

Leonard Jacobson’s life changed the day he met Whispers. Thirty years later he wrote the story. It began this way, “The day I met Whispers, I was nineteen and he was one. From the day we met, we were not apart for a single day for almost fifteen years. I cannot imagine what my life would have been without Whispers, and frankly, I don’t even want to think about it. This is our story, my dog, Whispers’ and mine.”
Half way through the book you’ll meet Luke Jenson, a professional truck driver. Luke’s life changes when he meets Traveler. He described it this way, “Daddy always said that I was a “riding fool,” usually adding, “Luke, you’d rather ride than eat.” He should have met the dog. I have never known a man, woman, child or animal who liked to ride any more than Traveler. I guess I knew when I walked into Frank’s office, the dog was going to be my new partner; it just took a while for me to admit it. First, I had to put myself through all the arguments against having a big dog in a truck twenty-four hours a day.
Another Place Another Time is about men, women, dogs, love, war, and oh yes, time travel.