Alan and Philomena

On July 2nd, I posted a blog that I called The Power of Book Reviews. I was inspired to write the post after poking around the web for info on Alan Turing, his amazing work, and equally amazing life. In the process of poking, I stumbled on Philomena Liggins’ exquisite volume: Footprints – Secret Lives at Bletchley Park

Before I posted the blog, I searched for more information about Philomena to include. I came up totally empty, so I posted the blog without it. And then, wonder of wonders, Philomena found the review I’d posted on Amazon, tracked me down, and sent this email.

Dear Bert,

Thank you for your book review against “Footprints – Secret Lives at Bletchley Park”.

I am so pleased that you enjoyed it.

Hope you like the attachment.  I look forward to your visiting Bletchley Park.

Very best wishes


The attachment was the wonderful photo of Philomena and Alan, enjoying a moment, on the grounds at Bletchley Park. I asked if I could use the photo in a blog, and (obviously) she said OK.

Philomena has a new book coming out this fall, Moonlight Serenade, about Glen Miller and Twinwood. If you click on the Glen Miller link, you’ll be as anxious to read it as I am, especially if you’ve read Footprints.

The internet has turned the world into a village, a comfortable, homey one. Let’s face it; a world that includes Marmite has to be homey.




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