37 Years 700 Children

Lillie Hoskins, known to me to me and all of her other children as Ms. Hoskins, has been in the day care business for thirty-seven years. I first blogged about her last August in a post called Black Women…Unconditional Love.

That is what Ms. Hoskins is, unconditional love which she focuses on “her children”–the seven hundred or so of them who have passed through Hoskin’s Learning Center in the thirty-seven years she has been in the business.

Ms. Hoskins has made an impression on Batesville, Mississippi that will live long after she is gone, in fact, it will live forever, because it is branded on the heart of every child who has ever come in contact with her. That means her love passes on to everyone who has an encounter with one of her children. There can be no more fitting legacy than the legacy of unconditional love.

Ms. Hoskins nurtures and holds every child on the highest level of their potential and assists them in manifesting that potential in their lives. Does her uncompromising, unconditional love work? You bet it does. She has sent hundreds of graduates from Hoskin’s Learning Center to South Panola High School, the counties only high school, where twelve of them have graduated as their classes’ Valedictorian. Think about it. That’s one Hoskin’s Learning Center graduate every three years, graduating as Valedictorian of their high school. That’s a record even more profound than the football teams 107 consecutive victories.

It has been an honor to work with Ms. Hoskins, and in the process become part of her family. It’s too late for me to be a high school Valedictorian, but I’ll bet if I’d had Ms. Hoskin’s take my hand when I was four or five years old, I would have been.

Lillie Hoskins, and others like her, are the back bone of this country. They are the people who will keep us moving toward the light, no matter how dark the night might be.

Thank you, Ms. Hoskins, from all of us.


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