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A Six Blog Trip

Last Thursday Morning, at 7 AM Central United States time, hereafter referred to as Elvis Time, I left Huntsville, Alabama. My Destination was Batesville, Mississippi, approximately 220 miles southwest of my starting point. Thirty-six hours later, just before 7 PM … Continue reading

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The Sea Witch – A Preliminary Book Review

Last Friday, I had a free hour and decided to spend it in the Batesville Mississippi Public Library working on a personal project. As I walked to the door of the library, I told myself that I didn’t have time … Continue reading

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Competition No More Forever

Last Thursday night, sometime between 10 and 11 PM, I was running laps on the South Panola High School track in Batesville, Mississippi. As I circled around and around the artificial turf of the playing field of the South Panola … Continue reading

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Silver Justice – A Book Review

Russell Bake has outdone himself with his new book, Silver Justice. This book has everything. A glamorous female FBI Special Agent, with enough personal issues to keep anyone totally preoccupied. A task force she supervises that is charged with finding … Continue reading

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37 Years 700 Children

Lillie Hoskins, known to me to me and all of her other children as Ms. Hoskins, has been in the day care business for thirty-seven years. I first blogged about her last August in a post called Black Women…Unconditional Love. … Continue reading

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I checked into the Comfort Inn, my usual place to stay in Batesville, Mississippi, and discovered that the motel and its sister motel, The Day’s Inn of Batesville, had new ownership and a new manager, Simo Sayagh. Simo is a … Continue reading

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Gentle On My Mind

I’ve known Adrienne Wall for more than eight years. We met when she enrolled in a seminar that my wife, Christina, and I, facilitated at a retreat center near Huntsville, Alabama. Adrienne didn’t know exactly what she wanted but she … Continue reading

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Emma Calin – My Online Family

Last September, the 12th to be precise, I posted a blog that I titled “My Twitter Family” which I suppose was the forerunner of my new series, “My Online Family.” A lot has happened in the past ten months. All … Continue reading

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Writing: String Theory and Book Reviews

Life doesn’t hinge on traumatic or cataclysmic events no matter what you hear on country music radio.  Life is proof of the validity of the string theory.  Our lives stretch  behind us like a piece of string.  When we take … Continue reading

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Writers: Who Will Make It? Why?

On March 6, 1944, The Eighth Air Force bombed Berlin.  Nearly nine hundred American bombers took part, including the B-17G named Little Willie from the 388th Bomb Group stationed in Knettishall, England.  Over Berlin, flak knocked out two engines and sent Little Willie into … Continue reading

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