2 Ways To Sell Your Book

There are as many ways to sell books as there are authors. Here are two great ones that I’ve discovered.

To appreciate the first way – watch the video

The first way to sell your book is to hire the guy who just sold you the Honda lawn mower and, of course, the ad agency that wrote and produced the ad.  Based on my way out dated price information I estimate that if you approach the agency on a slow day, and make a great, starving-author presentation. they’ll produce your ad for a million dollars.  Now that you have the ad you have to buy some media time, so add another half million.  Now you’ve invested a million and half dollars in my number one way to sell books.  Sit back and watch the money come rolling in from Amazon.  As soon as you’ve sold twice as many books as John Locke sold in a year you’ll be in the black and from that point on, you’re home free.

If you don’t have a million and half lying around and you don’t won’t to wait until you do, there’s the second method.

Print some business cards, like the one below, or if you have too many books to fit on a business card, print tri-fold brochures, and give them to everyone you meet.  Leave them at the barber shop, the beauty salon, the book store, everywhere.  Ask the people you talk to for their email address.  Build an email list of book prospects and send them a message every week.

The second way to sell books might be a bit slower, but it will produce the same results.

One book at a time will get the job done.

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4 Responses to 2 Ways To Sell Your Book

  1. Caleb Pirtle

    Selling books these days is going out, as you say, and manufacturing a market one book at a time. In the digital world, we all want to click a button and sell a thousand books. It’s not done that way. Of course, you did miss the third great way to sell a book. Go to NASCAR, buy a slot on Tony Stewart’s car and paste the cover of your novel. It may cost more than TV spots and ads, but it’s the best billboard in the world shown to the most loyal fans in the world.

  2. Those book cover business cards are the best value for any author. I got mine online from GotPrint. When anyone asks about my book, I hand them a card so they can remember the title and, I hope, order it. My tagline, blurb, and website is on the back of the card. My other marketing idea is to sponsor a college football bowl game – The Sky Castle Publishing Bowl, and hope that Notre Dame plays in it.
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